Green Technology - Indoor Planting



PLANT PLANT is an enclosed plant cultivation that can be
installed in different locations (such as cold/desert/cities),
and are unaffected by the seasons. Therefore, ensuring
quality cultivation throughout the year. It promotes chemical
free cultivation that allows plant to grow in an environmentally
friendly manner, as well as preventing any soil contamination
/replant disease from occurring.


Growing racks that allows planting and cultivation of baby salad greens from sowing to harvesting.
It enables planters to be slotted in and detach from each end conveniently. With its “push and slide”
concept, it eliminates troublesome control procedure, and reduces the effort of using different racks
between seedlings and mature plants.



1. Sliding planters that ensure error-free and efficient cultivation.
    Rust-resistant and highly durable aluminium rack even under
    high-humidity growing conditions.
2. Lightweight planters for easy fertilizer Circulation and cleaning.
3. High-Reflective panels for improved energy efficiency.
4. LED lights that produce right wavelength for photosynthesis.
5. Automated fertilizer controller to analyse and control the PH of nutrient solution.


PLANT PLANT ensures a stable cultivation by keeping an optimal level of carbon dioxide, as well as
to provide air-conditioned temperature. Designed to control intensity; time duration of light,
temperature and concentration of fertilizer for a better harvest.



Optimal level of Carbon dioxide (Auto)


Air Conditioned environment
Light Intensity, Timing, Duration 
Controlled PH level and temperature of Fertilizer 


There are 4 main stages of growth for baby salad green; sowing, germination, growing, and  harvesting.
It takes approximately 21 days for harvesting. However, the number of days may vary, depending on the
variety of vegetable.