CLP Envisystems Pte Ltd provides a wide range of products
& services, covering environmental, water & waste water
applications. We proudly present to clients one-stop
environmental, water & waste water solutions. We provide
a comprehensive range of equipment, instruments and
treatment chemicals from brand leaders around the world.

We provide services for system integration of Engineering 

equipment for: 

  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  • Water Purification and Water Recycling
  • Environmental engineering services and
    Etc: Air Scrubber and Dust Collectors Systems
  • Supply specialty chemicals, equipment and
    instrumentation for water/ waste water
  • Piping works and systems integration
  • Ion Exchange Resin
  • Ion Exchange Column, Regen and Sales
    Anion, Cation, Mixed and Activated carbon

Facilities Solution

Engineering Solutions


  • Design & Build
  • Equipment hook-up & Installation
  • Chemical Laboratory fittings & Installation
  • M&E and ACMV Installation
  • Process Lines & Distribution Lines
  • Conveyor Systems, design and installation
  • Design & Supply parts/equipment for
          manufacturing, material handling & maintenance.
  • Precision manufacturing

  • Technical & Engineering service integration
  • Reconfiguration & Repairs
  • Electronic Waste Management
  • Technical Helpdesk/ Call Center